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Hollow Knight Progress Log (ongoing)


Now I am going to type what I am here to type. My movie reviewsss and dissections hurray. Aren't we excited. by reading these you can tell I am on hulu a lot but I use other streaming services I do really.

favirote movies

  • dope sick love
  • walking in detroit
  • unsane
  • pi
  • requim for a dream

  • my typeee

  • long periods of things with little to no context, but give a lot of room to anialys each charactor.
  • 1980-1990s comedy/ drama; they're so entertaining and I can just put one on and hate it so much but really I love it and will watch it again.
  • Science fiction and cyberpunk. Those usually have the best art and best worldbuilding. or best worlds in general.( I didn't write this.. owner of the site did but I agree!!)
  • documentrys and im not saying that because of I, Tonya its because thats the only other genre I can think of lmao.
  • The books I like to read are more non fiction but could be real. for movies too just very natural like it could be someones diary but it tells a story that also isn't really going anywhere.

  • Reviews

  • dumb

    great documentry about the magazine "big brother". in eighth grade I was uber into all things skating and especially big brother so this was cool to watch. If you dont know big brother was the cooler more alternitve magazine appose to like thrasher or toy machine. Everyone says they were the first to do anything but big brother was "the first" to put a series of images for a trick on one page. they are also kind of where jackass came from but that is like it's whole thing.

  • The spectacular now

    Okay this has spoilers in it Your Were Warned!!! I have so many problems with this movie for so many reasons. Just because like WTF like it just is so "bad" but I also watched it twice and I did really enjoy the nestolgia it gave me. It reminds me of LadyBird expect lady bird doesn't leave me with questions just crying to be honest. The movie is about a few different things and that is why it's so confusing. In the beginning the charector sutter which I do like the name choise in this movie, But the name of the movie is SOOOO forgttable. Like I can remember sutter and not The spectaular now?? But sutter is writing his college essay about a girl he had just broken up with so it's like hey cool love story. They went to parties together and of course from a man everything was perfect untill she broke up with him "out of no where" He was sitting in the car with another girl, I am just like she didn't let him explain they MUST have been already fighting. I just want to not also that the dialouge in this movie is PERFECT seriously I thought it was so great, they litterally captured the teenage diologue perfectly. Anyways, they break up it's kind of messy he gets super drunk and then this girl wakes him up..... Now.... I did forget her name, I think its like a three letter name something stupid. So she wakes him up while she delivering mail at 5 so he begs her to let him help her, they both lie about their parents being around which I also thought was weird. Anyways he asks her out and their first date is lunch AT SCHOOL, which is interupted early because of her french club. Of course you know she's kind of nerdy and so all of sutters friends actually his one friend is like why are you dating her?? which now that Im writing it out makes sense like I defintly feel like friends do that, but originally I was confused why he would even care. So sutter invited her to a party it is her first time drinking alchohaul, and it's not really brought up (sutters drinking problem) until he gets fired but like he has a problem!! Throughout the whole movie sutter is drinking and driving I thought the movie was going to end because they died in an accident which did happen the girl was hit by a car because she was drunk. Idk towards the end they just both had been drinking quite a lot and I think that is when I was very confused, because no one addresses it. They both had a problem and no one addresses. anyways sutter meets his dad after passiontly telling her during their first time that his father was actually gone and not a pilot. So just like when sutter had told her to" speak up to her mom" (basically her mom didn't want her to move away for college because she needed help doing the paper(and like im sorrry but that cannot be what they make money off of and holding her back from college for that like what??)) so she gets sutter to meet his dad obviously his dad isn't what he wanted and is just a lame alchohlic so finally like homecoming, she asks sutter to live with he in philly after school he says yes (he was drunk) graduation happens sutter is handed a drink but doesn't take it summer goes by and it is time to leave for school, but he doesn't meet her at the bus stop so it's like damn what an asshole. but him and his mom who have had problems the whole movie start talking and shit and she hugs him while he cries in her arms. and then boom you see sutter is finishing his essay it is a voise over about how he ruins things for himself; he turns in the essay and then he meets the girl while she is leaving a class and thats the end. so you can Kind of tell now what I meant by the multiple story lines, it was kind of confusing but I also did liek this movie it was pretty cringe but it's not wrong that is how I and my friends and people I know talk like it's so accurate which is what I love. anways Thats all it's alright I wouldn't say it is a much watch.

  • contempt

    oh my god I love bridget bargot so beautiful. I really loved this movie so much. I saw it with Cecilia, sadly she did fall asleep... But we've been studying phylosephers in class and I honesty have forgotton who had said this but you really only can enjoy art alone; how you preceve it. Your percpective and another persons won't be the same; you might go to the theater with people but you're really alone. It was worded so much better I hate how I worded this but whatver. Anways it was about a few people. A womans husband was making a movie and the movie he was making was also protraying what was happening with the charectors. I thought it was great there was a twist that i wasn't expecting at the end but I honestly loved it. Watch it.

  • triangle of sadness

    funny movie I don't know what else to say I love this director. He's swedish and has done a few short films and low budget movies, like "I am curious yellow" witch isnt a short movie it's close to 2 hours long or maybe 2 hours long idk. A short film he did make (I can't remember the name) but it was good about a bank being robbed but filmed with one camera from like a wide shot where you see the whole bank and everyone in front of it. I liked it. but yea obviously I digress; Triangle of Sadness isn't really about one thing the movies caries through a few different stages so a little bit unpredictable; if you have seen mother and liked it I would recommend this movie, but if you saw mother and didn't like it I would still recomend this I just loved it that much.

  • The humans

    okay if i'm being honest it has been so long since I watched this movie like really a long ass time. I never even finished it too I just remember how I felt watching it and I loved it, but then again I never even finished it. but anways this movie I think is somewhat of a horror movie theres no real direction, but this newly wedded couple has the girls family over for a holiday maybe it was new years, and there was all this drama and it's in new york and whoever filmed this movie did a great job, because it is very aschetic and this is what I ad liked about it besides that I don't think there is much else to it.

  • super dark times

    okay this was like my FAVIORTE movie in like 8 grade i loves this movie so much. I don't know if it is as good as I remember and really probably not because nothing is but I loves this movie. Ok, so it was about 2 friends really about one and there they're in high school I think it is like a weekend or a the summer and the forshadow from the beginning that everthing is going to go wrong is them messing wround with the absent brothers machete. anyways the feeling of the movie isn't scary but it is just what is going to happen next you judge them for their mistakes of course. I never thought about this, but I wonder who like wrote this movie, because I see the direction and where they wanted to go with it but that just wasn't quite there so it must have been like one of their first movies. ok wait im going to look it up right now. okay so I coulnd't find any real answer but whoever did direct it, it was their directoral debut so congraguations!!