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I like movies i'd consider myself an indipendant woman filmbro thats's what I have turned out to be and I guess we will just have to live with that fact. anyways, These are movies I just enjoy and would recommend or movies that I watched and hated but still love to talk about it; because this is a dating app for things you hate in common. I don't play video games or really watch anime I'm going to work on that but I can't promise anything because my computor has no storage or room for anymore viruses. I do like music So ill put that at the bottom along with a link to the left that will quickly get you there. Ill also keep a section for art I am currently enjoying because that is media and why tf not?? also I am a very big binge watcher so when I like a show I can finish it in just a few days; which is good for some people but then I really only care for the show for about a week and then I move on. So if there is like a weird gap it's because I forgot what I watched last month.

Thinking about

  • Naked by David Sedaris
  • Her's
  • Kali (incredible expiremental photographer)
  • Olivia Peace- Tahara
  • Hemut Newton
  • Tennis- Need Your Love
  • Drugdealer- Honey

  • my typeee

  • long periods of things with little to no context, but give a lot of room to anialys each charactor.
  • 1980-1990s comedy/ drama; they're so entertaining and I can just put one on and hate it so much but really I love it and will watch it again.
  • Science fiction and cyberpunk. Those usually have the best art and best worldbuilding. or best worlds in general.
  • documentrys and im not saying that because of I, Tonya its because thats the only other genre I can think of lmao.
  • The books I like to read are more non fiction but could be real. for movies too just very natural like it could be someones diary but it tells a story that also isn't really going anywhere.

  • things that I havent watched but are on my list