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who am i?

Bellen Starla


A group of owls is called a parliament.


any concerns or questions?

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My Posessions

My dad has a story about how he trashed his whole portfolio and of all the junk he has kept over the year he would get rid of it for that portfolio, and I think about that a lot when it comes to my art work. I often consider that fact and put effort into keeping my things, because I will want them for another day.


I particuarly enjoy callaging apart from anything. For one sifting through magazines for hours is so incredibly exciting, but also finding two imaages that just go perfect together is so satisfying. One of my faviorte things about art is when it all comes together. I most of my time and money on painting though. I don't have many painting I've particualy liked enough to share and photogrpah yet, but painting is amazing.


a true love story

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